QB78, 79 PCP Conversion

  QB78, 79, AR2078, AR2079 PCP Conversion
  To remove the safety lever must first set it to the "S" Place a block under the module trigger and safety lever rod knock.

  After knocking out the safety lever.

  Unscrewing the lock nut from the bottom of the barrel to hardwood stock.

  After separation.

  Separating trigger casing assembly requires unscrewing two screws.

  Removing the barrel
  Unscrew the screw compression strap.

  To unscrewing use allen key, size 2.5.

  Remove the barrel of a strong, firmly, pulling along the barrel.

  After removing the screws of the trigger assembly remove plugs from the casing tube and breech.

  The separation of housing/body
  Under the barrel, after removal, there is a bolt connecting two tubes of the body/housing.

  To remove the breech bolt put back Allen key.

  Dismantled components tube and breech.

  Removing the valve
  Unscrew the screw and unscrew completely locating screw for fastening hardwood stock.

  Pushing the valve is possible in many ways, for example by pushing it through the hole in the tube with a screwdriver.

  Disassembly the valve
  When reassembling, change the spring.


Step 1 (optional)
  Tuning to vastly increase the muzzle velocity and power of your QB78 air rifle!
Muzzle energy increases from about 25 ft/lbs for a .22 caliber gun.
Muzzle energy increases from about 22 ft/lbs for a .177 caliber gun.

  Step 2
  Valve dimensions change
You should change the dimensions of the indicated elements - use a lathe or a drill and sandpaper;
the effect is big enough when you are able to put a valve into a tube.

  Charge valve

  Tube assembly

  QB78 PCP
Warning: maximum pressure should not exceed 200 bar

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